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the size healthy fitness 30 day personal training and nutrition starter program

How to regain control of your weight, health and energy level in 30 days

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this is for you if...

  • You're a woman who's frustrated with the state of your health and you know you need to get started on a fitness program...but you've been procrastinating

  • You finally realized that staying healthy and fit without any guidance on what to do or any accountability to keep you on track is simply not working...and you're ready to let someone help you

  • You've started and stopped a ton of programs in the past 10 years and you're tired of the yo-yo dieting effects on your weight...because you know that the longer you let it go, the harder it will be to get back in shape

  • Bring a Friend to Train With You Along the Way! That's right! Bring a friend with you! They too will get full access to our Platinum package.

the program includes 3 components...

  • Personal Training: You'll have a coach guiding you every session in a very small group so you'll be accountable to showing up and performing exercises at your won't have to worry about keeping up...we're going to personalize every session for you.

  • Simple Meal Plan: When you start, we'll give you a super simple meal plan that will tell you exactly what to eat and when. There won't be any guess work anymore and you'll start losing fat immediately.

  • Regular Check-ins from a Trainer: Once you get on the right exercise and nutrition program, the only thing left is to get some help to stay on track. We'll do this through a series of progress meetings during your time with us.

We’ve been helping women just like you transform their health and life for over 10 years and counting...

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